Working of a Mixer Grinder

Mixer grinder, as we all know that has made cooking easy. It helps in making a perfect mixture of spices like ginger Garlic paste and tomato paste. We can make chutney, fruits and vegetable juice, and cold coffee easily using a mixer grinder. So whenever we use a mixer grinder, it always comes to mind that what is the working principle of a mixer grinder. So here I am discussing the complete working of a mixer grinder.

Photo by Daniel Norris on Unsplash

To understand the working of a mixer grinder. First, we need to understand some physics concepts:

  1. Whenever a current-carrying coil is placed in a magnetic field it experiences a force, which produces a torque that can rotate the coil. The direction of force is determined by the fleming left-hand rule.
  2. A motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Universal motor is a special type of motor which can work for both A.C (single-phase) and D.C current.
A universal motor

3. When the current passes through the field winding it produces an electromagnetic field, hence acts as an electromagnet. The rotor starts rotating as it acts as a current-carrying coil present in a magnetic field. The same current which passes through the field winding also flows through the rotor winding that’s why whenever AC current changes direction, the direction of current changes in both field winding and armature, and hence the movement of the rotor is not affected.

Working of universal motor

The main components of a mixer grinder are universal motor which consists of : rotor, carbon brushes, commutator, and field winding, rotary switch to alter the speed, indication lamp, and a plug. Whenever we switch on the mixer grinder, universal motor comes into action as current passes through both the field winding and armature winding and as a result, a torque is applied on the rotor, the rotor starts rotating which then rotates the blades of the grinder and thus it helps in mixing and grinding of the ingredients.

This is a short and simple explanation of a mixer grinder, thanks for reading!.

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